Adamstown Uniting Church

Sorry Garden

a space for expressing regret and sorrow and building new relationships with people the Church has hurt in the past

Sorry Garden -

On October 24th, 2021, the Sorry Space at Adamstown Uniting Church was officially opened,
in timing with the anniversary of the “National Apology to Victims of Institutional Abuse”.

There is theology and behaviour that the Church has delivered which is
ignorant, prejudiced, exclusive, manipulative, threatening, distorted, untruthful, and more.
This has enabled abuse to occur, particularly for three groups:
Indigenous     LGBTQIA+    Children

This is something the Church needs to say SORRY for.

For some people, hearing the word SORRY is a significant step in their healing/reconciliation process.

The Sorry Space is a unique space FOR ALL WHO NEED TO HEAR “SORRY” FROM THE CHURCH.

Sorry Garden -