Adamstown Uniting Church

Come Together Mural

Come Together mural

by Indigenous Artist Maree Bisby

Bright, Welcoming and Bold in its statement, the mural is intended to bring Joy and Comfort, with a sense of Belonging for the Community.

The path meets up with the walkway towards the Sorry Stone and Reflection Area, bringing continuity to the space.

I have made the footprints a bold statement as well, as no two footprints are ever the same, we all leave our own path, we all leave our own imprint on the world and those we have contact with. I want this to also be an acknowledgement of our creation and uniqueness.

I wanted the background to represent one meeting place encompassing the symbols of Nature, Waves, Rain, Men, Women and Children.

I have also included the traditional symbol for a woven basket and fishing trap to symbolize the strength of relationship between Mankind and Nature, relying on the stability of the Craftsmanship taken to create a vessel for carrying precious cargo along with the provision of nutrition, highlighting the beauty of the life cycle and the sense of Community one may feel, when surrounded by Nature, creativity and food.