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Woven: A Faith for the Dissatisfied – Newcastle Launch

Tues 26 Nov 2019 7.30pm in the Dungeon. Book launch hosted by Adamstown Arts / Tickets $10

Come hang with Joel Mckerrow (and friends) and hear stories and music and reflection and poetry and celebrate the launch of a book that many seem to be naming as, ‘the very thing they needed.’

WOVEN is not a poetry book, as you might know Joel’s work normally to be. It is Joel McKerrow’s first creative non-fiction. Published with Acorn Press, it is the story of his own journey from childhood belief to grief over a lost religion, to a richer, more holistic and inclusive belief system. Within it he looks at the gender, economic and racial privilege of growing up in western, middle-class, white, evangelicalism.

WOVEN is a story of dissatisfaction. A story of struggling and wrestling and questioning. It is the story of someone trying desperately to follow Jesus, only to realise that the Jesus they were following looked, in the end, way too much like them. It is the story of finding faith amidst the complexities and finding hope amidst despair.

JOEL MCKERROW is an award-winning writer, speaker, educator, creativity specialist and one of Australia’s most successful performance poets. He is the Artist Ambassador for the aid and development organisation TEAR Australia and was the co-founder of community arts organisation The Centre for Poetics and Justice. Joel was also the third ever Australian representative at the Individual World Poetry Slam Championships and is the co-host of the podcast The Deep Place: On Creativity and Spirituality.

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