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Songs of New Life and Hope – Workshop with Heather Price

Sunday 29th September 2019 – 2pm

Join us for this lively workshop featuring our Musician in Residence, Heather Price’s latest album of congregational music ‘Full of the Spirit’. Come and contribute your ideas and leave with hope and inspiration!

Singing is a form of communication that predates language, it is a way that animals and humans alike identify as a ‘group’ and it is a very important part of our church life. Yet so many of the songs that we sing within our churches contain outdated language, that make it hard for us to sing out and identify with the messages within the music.

At this special workshop, Heather Price will present a new set of songs for congregational use, with accompaniment from the Adamstown Uniting Church music group. A performance and explanation will be given with each song, and a time will follow for discussion of topics such as ‘what role can music play in our church today’, ‘using new language within congregational music’, ‘what sorts of melodies get us singing out’ and ‘what are the topics we want to be singing about in our churches today’.

$10 entry. Book online. More details and event flier on the arts event page.


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