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Listening with the Heart Workshop

Saturday 19th October 2pm – 5pm

“How often have we really been heard in our lives? To be wholly listened to is one of the greatest of affirmations we can receive. It is rare; it is to be recognised, remembered, reminded that we have value, a right to be alive – not for what we do, for what we have done or are going to do, but for who we are, becoming the person that we ourselves may have never heard.” (Roger Housden in ‘The Creativity of Listening’)

The workshop will focus on the relationship between one’s own spiritual life and the capacity to listen deeply to people, heart to heart. The first half will concentrate on this relationship. The second half will discuss written conversations and how choices are made on where to ask questions in a pastoral setting. The workshop will be helpful for those who are involved in pastoral ministry and who have experience in listening intentionally to others.

Led by Rev. Malcolm Drake, associate minister at Adamstown UCA, retired psychologist, Spiritual Director and Formator of Directors.
Bookings email or 4957 1887
Costs: $10 at door
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