Adamstown Uniting Church BLog

February Feast – Girl Gone Wild

Sunday 5 February 2017
6pm in the Dungeon

There are almost 9 million different species of plants and animals on our planet –unfathomably diverse, weird and beautiful! Often our faith journey focuses entirely on one species – humans. It has never been harder for plants and animals to share this planet with us; many are facing extinction. Dr Kira Mileham is a scientist, a communicator, a traveller, and a mediator who currently works for the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Kira’s job is to play match-maker with conservationists around the world; linking people from all kinds of backgrounds, skill sets and faiths to work together to take better care of this planet.

Kira will share some stories and photos of the animals and people she has met on her travels and how her faith has called her into this work.

FEAST is a shared meal around a big table – for stories, conversation and a shared Communion. Please bring a simple plate of food to share. Note the change of venue for this month as we will meet downstairs in the Dungeon.


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