Adamstown Uniting Church BLog

Expresso with Jordan Wett & Rowan Taylor

Sunday 23 July 2017
6 – 8pm in the Church Dungeon
FREE entry. Food & drink available to purchase.

A special Winter in July Expresso! Classically trained and incredibly talented, these guys don’t take themselves too seriously.Winter In July’ is a tribute concert inspired by all the terrible album covers of the 1970s/80s.

According to Jordan and Rowan, the concert will include some lesser-known works from lesser composers, as well as yet-undiscovered works from more major composers. All profits from this concert will go to funding the photoshoot for the cover of Rowan and Jordan’s latest album: Live from Singapore International Airport – Terminal 3. (We think they’re joking.)

It’s pianist Jordan’s second Expresso and this time he’s back with Rowan on tuba to bring us more great music and laughs! And that’s not all! We’ll have hot soup, Adamstown Puddings and delicious mulled wine for our special Winter in July Expresso catering.


JORDAN WETT, as his name suggests, comes from a long established family tradition synonymous with quality locksmithing, “Wettlock.” Some of his family’s more notable works include the locks on Newcastle’s beautiful sandstone post office building, the famous Ness project in Scotland, and the contributions to Circular Quay. It was inevitable, therefore, that Jordan gravitated towards his family’s love of keys and studied piano. After several lessons, and tens of hours of practise, Jordan’s training was complete and the hard work put into his piano studies has allowed him to perform in renowned performance venues such as the foyer at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, Civic Theatre (on the piano outside), and Singapore International Airport – Terminal 3.

ROWAN TAYLOR, born Alexander Rowan Wolfric Bartholomew-the-3rd Taylor, was raised in a musically eclectic household, and from an early age became an avid aficionado of heavy metal music. It was an obviously natural progression for him to take up the tuba from the age of 62 months. It did not take long for Rowan to show promise on the instrument, quickly mastering assembly (and disassembly) within three lessons. It was only upwards from that point, with Rowan rapidly coming into high demand in all areas of classical music, including composition, stage managing and page turning. Dubbed “The Next Bieber” (both Carl AND Justin), at the tender age of nine he composed his first “’Symphony’ for Solo Tuba (and Piano).” Highly sought after as a soloist and musician, Rowan’s accolades include performances with the Merriwa Philharmonia, guest soloist in the Scone and Friends Community Musical Society’s performance of the extended edition of John Cage’s 4’33”, and page-turning at Singapore International Airport – Terminal 3.



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