Winter Solstice With Hidden Strings

21 Jun 2022

/ 7pm

$60, including herbal teas, light refreshment and small gift package on arrival

Take a moment to step outside of time… Somewhere between a concert and a sound healing, Hidden Strings create improvised musical meditations of cello, bass flute and guitar that inspire subtle dream states and deep relaxation. You may take the experience however you wish, whether sitting, lying down or moving gently. You could even do some knitting. This is a perfect opportunity for those that find it difficult to meditate or switch off. Simply turn up and float away.

Hidden Strings invite you on a special Sound Journey on the Winter Solstice. We wish to walk the Winter Spiral together on the shortest day of the year, as we travel inwards to our depths and prepare to move towards the light. You will be given the opportunity to walk a winter spiral, reflect, journal, sit in meditation, or lie down and take rest.