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April Feast – Aboriginal Art and Story

Sunday 2 April 2017
6pm in the Church foyer

Rex Granites Japanangka, Ida Granites Nangala and Steve Bevis will be this evening’s special guests. Rex and Ida’s artworks will be on exhibition at Adamstown Uniting Church from Saturday 1 April.

This is a remarkable opportunity to engage directly with two senior representatives of Australia’s first peoples and to acquire works of art that not only represent Australia’s rich and unbroken cultural heritage, a heritage of over 40,000 years, but to support positive and transformational ministry carried out in some of the remotest areas of our continent.

Rex Granites Japanangka and Ida Granites Nangala are senior elders from the Warlpiri people of Central Australia. Well-known and respected as leaders in their community, Rex and Ida together produce art that is both beautiful and an important expression of their Dreamings, or Law. Rex is a senior lawman in the desert and one of the main leaders of traditional ceremony. These ceremonies take place across the summer months and are a crucial part of Aboriginal culture and society. At these ceremonies the stories, songs, dances are handed down and new generations are initiated into these ancient truths and responsibilities.

Rex and Ida are also prominent Christian’s in Central Australian Aboriginal life. Rex regularly travels the outback to mediate disputes, to teach his people about how to understand the connections between the Country, the Dreamings, and the newer Biblical stories, and to lead community consultations. Rex’s knowledge and skill as a public speaker, leader, mediator, interpreter and teacher are in high demand. Rex is currently completing a PhD at the Wollotuka Institute at the University of Newcastle in Indigenous knowledge. Ida is also well-known as an artist and regularly produces works for exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne.

The paintings in the exhibition are themselves part of the deep and spiritual stories that the land itself holds; stories that Rex and Ida are willing to share with us. Each painting is a publicly accessible part of the Dreaming, and is an authentic expression of traditional Warlpiri culture brought to life in the present with paint on canvas. More info about the exhibition.

The artists will share their story, the meaning of the artworks, and their vision of hope for Central Australia and the Aboriginal peoples of the outback.

FEAST is a shared meal around a big table – for stories, conversation and a shared Communion. Please bring a simple plate of food to share.


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