Altar/d Art Series – Adamstown Arts 

6 installations by 6 artists in the Adamstown Uniting Church

May – November 2018


Project overview

This ongoing installation project provides the opportunity for an artist to install an ensemble of works within the Adamstown Uniting Church. The visual focal point of the building is the front wooden panelled wall just below the organ pipes and could include the space in front. The wall has been installed with exhibition tracking.

The title Altar/d is a play on words that includes the religious meanings of the word altar which is the table where things are transformed and revealed. It also catches up the word alter which is about change and making things different. Together the possible meanings allow for the breaking down of the abstract separation of holy and profane, sacred and secular, of things being transformed and changed, making the ordinary extraordinary, and the everyday filled with wonder. Perhaps everyday wonder might be a short description of the possible meanings.

Rather than illustrate these ideas, the title of the series allows a wide range of connections to be made with an artist’s existing practice and to see that platformed within this space, where what it is to be human is playfully explored and celebrated.

The space allows for the introduction of a small number of wall works, and or the introduction of free standing forms. These would normally be existing works, or if time allows works made specifically for this ensemble arrangement.


Adamstown Arts Support

The series began with the exhibition Dirt, Soil, Earth by Dr Penny Dunstan which opened on Friday 4th May at 7pm. This work provided a connection to the Inspiracy Festival (17 –  20 May 2018) which promoted a larger conversation about sustainability and justice as we seek to work as a community for the common good. More at



For more information about the Altar/d Art series please contact:
Rev Dr Rod Pattenden
M 0418 861267

Watch the video below to hear Rod Pattenden's reflection on the Altar/d Art series

Installations in the 2018 Altar/d Art Series at Adamstown Uniting Church

Art Installation by James Drinkwater

Art Installation by James Drinkwater

James Drinkwater is a Newcastle based painter and sculptor whose richly coloured and textured surfaces explore intimate spaces evoking memory, touch and place. There are shadows, shapes and a sense of presence that are held together with ecstatic delight and joy! The sixth exhibition in the Altar/d art installation series. Launch event: Friday 5 October 7–8pm…

Art Installation By Braddon Snape

Art Installation By Braddon Snape

Braddon Snape is a Newcastle based sculptor who has received wide recognition for his refined approach and use of materials. He has been a finalist in many national competitions and has received a number of important commissions. His current practice is focused on forms made from sheets of inflated steel including this cloud form which…

Art Installation by Lottie Consalvo

Art Installation by Lottie Consalvo

Lottie Consalvo is a Newcastle based artist whose practice traverses painting, performance, video, photography and sculpture. Her work explores psychological shifts and how time, place and imagery alter our consciousness. Her paintings evoke states of spiritual significance, evoking moments of stillness, the sensation of falling or loss, as well as the intensity of the present…

Art Installation by Peter Tilley

Art Installation by Peter Tilley

Launch of the third exhibition in the Altar/d art installation series Peter Tilley is a Newcastle based sculptor who recently competed his PhD studies at the University of Newcastle with a body of work that explores the nature of the shadow through its symbolic and mythic significance. The installation of several of these sculptural figures…

Awabakal – Art installation  by Graham Wilson

Awabakal – Art installation by Graham Wilson

Launch of the second exhibition in the Altar/d art installation series Graham Wilson is a Newcastle based artist who works in a variety of medium including painting, drawing, printmaking as well as wood and stone carving. Graham is installing two large wooden carved panels into the Church. They make up a vast panoramic landscape in…

Dirt, Soil, Earth – Art Installation by Penny Dunstan

Dirt, Soil, Earth – Art Installation by Penny Dunstan

Penny Dunstan’s installation muses on our moral and ethical responses to dirt, soil and earth. Her work references Hunter area soils, some agricultural, some unfarmed, and some manufactured, to prompt us to question how we might care for our most precious resource, that which grows our food, recycles our waste and makes our air. Dr…

– Our church meets on the traditional lands of the Awabakal people, and we pay our respect to elders both past and present –